Photographing Children

IMG_2955I have been photographing in Berkshire County for 10 years now. I have worked for different chains and for myself. I photograph weddings, sports, events, create portraits and product photos. Photographing children is one of the most rewarding feelings a photographer can have.

I will admit that photographing children can be very difficult at times. Some don’t listen, some listen very well. Some get scared, or upset and others are nothing but smiles. No matter what the trouble is, it’s a true emotion. Children are so pure and true to their emotions. That is what makes me LOVE to photograph children.

With each child you can see their personality, you can see what makes them an individual, and I love to capture that. Two weeks ago I photographed twin infant girls who both had a very different personality. And even though they look almost identical you know which is which because their personality shines through in the pictures.
I love photographing children and can’t wait to make this my full time career.

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