Local Feature Friday – Cachats for the Troops

Good Morning and Happy Local Feature Friday Everyone! As my second installment to the Local Feature Friday I have decided to feature The Cachats for the Troops. This cause is very near and dear to me as 1. They are my family and 2. The Cachats are raising money and awareness for the Run to Home Base and helping veterans with PTSD.
Run To Home Base1
Please take a moment to go to http://www.homebase.org and share with your friends and family what it is all about. We are all closer to someone suffering with PTSD than we know. The Home Base Program helps the families in addition to the vets.

Local Feature Friday – Ayelada

Welcome to my new blog segment. Every Friday I will be featuring a different local business or organization on my blog.

It will consist mostly of pictures. A few words will accompany each set of pictures…. but lets face it, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Local Feature Friday - Ayelada

Local Feature Friday – Ayelada

Ayelada is a great place to go for a frozen treat.
Their frozen yogurt is made from local milk (from Hadley)
and they have so many fresh ingredient to choose from to top everything off.
I encourage you to stop in. With just one visit you will be hooked on the FroYo!
I can’t say enough about how inviting the place is. Every detail was thought out from
the spoons made with corn to the pictures on the wall.

…oh and the owner and staff are welcoming and cheery.

Ayelada is located in St. Luke’s Square on East St. in Pittsfield.