Why I Cherish the Little Moments and Why You Should Too.

Life is made up of thousands of moments. Working, laundry, cooking, running to the grocery store, paying the bills, eating dinner with your family, the birth of a new baby  and the death of a loved one. There are moments that seem to pass by so quickly and others where we feel they will never pass. Sure there are moments in our lives that we wish we could forget but I still truly believe in cherishing both the little and big moments in our lives.

The photos above are my children. I love them to pieces. Of course there are moments that I ask “why did I want to be a mother” but we all do that don’t we? We all love taking pictures of our kids. Social media is a perfect example of that. I see my Facebook Family constantly sharing moments with their children and families. The funny questions kids ask quoted as a status, the adorable picture of a crying child after what they feel is a major letdown, and the pictures from the first day of school. Each of these moments are worth being cherished and documented.

I will admit something very huge here. Right now for all of you to read….. I stopped my son’s baby book after only a few pages. I know how horrible right? Stop! We all do it. There is a perfect place for those little memories. Maybe some day I will find the time and effort to go back and put all the things I saved for his book into it.

Do you constantly pull out your cellphone to take pictures? Me too! I always have some sort of device to take pictures. I don’t stop at just my kids and family though. I love to capture everyone’s memories. I guess that is why I became a photographer. I know that some day, a loved one might loose their memories but will love to look back at the wedding photo that I captured feel that moment again, that people will pass and the family portrait on the wall will be a reminder of their love and that we will have moments of sadness or anger and need a picture of an adorable smiling face to remember why they should be experiencing happiness instead.

I invite you today to take a moment to stop and cherish the little moments as they happen, to look at a picture and remember when and to make a plan for making memories to come. Keep those memories coming and make an appointment today so you can cherish them for years to come. 413.464.8593 or heather@hcachat.com

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