I see myself in such a different way. In a positive way.

In the last month or so, many people have asked why I started to specialize in Glamour and IMG_0039Boudoir Photography. I have realized that I have always had an interest in this type of photography. I like the idea of portraying women as beautiful. Often women see their flaws and other females tend to point out what they believe to be flaws.

Body shaming is horrible! It needs to stop.

Last week when I was photographing Kelly, she told me that others had body shamed her and it had caused her to become sensitive. She had a hard time looking at some of her features.

Although, I was not surprised to hear that  she was made to feel a bit uncomfortable in her own body, I was happy to be able to help her see herself in a new way.

IMG_9985Kelly wrote this on Facebook the day after the shoot “I cannot thank you enough for yesterday. I never thought I could see myself in such a beautiful way, the way you captured me. Hair and makeup was beautiful. I didn’t think I’d look very good with a straight face, I was nervous for how thin I am etc. But I see myself in such a different way. In a positive way. Thank you again and again. I’m definitely going to refer people to you!¬†“

As I read it… I started to cry. This is my reason for photographing women! I made a difference in the way she viewed herself. Along with hair and make-up, the posing and the lighting accentuated Kelly’s own beauty. It was her own self that she looked at and saw herself as beautiful.

If you are interested in a similar experience… I would love the opportunity to talk to you.