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Heather Cachat Blake
Personal Brand Photographer

Hello. My name is Heather Cachat Blake. I started photographing in high school. During that time I photographed my first wedding, for the school newspaper and for the yearbook. I grew up in the Berkshires of Massachusetts and often found myself behind the viewfinder on my parents camera. It was not what I ever pictured for myself doing as I grew up. I wanted to be an Interior Decorator, or an Ambulance Chaser. (Yes that is what I always told my father I wanted to be. I didn’t know that meant to be a lawyer.) After graduating high school I took a few photography classes at the local community colleges before I headed to Boston to the New England School of Photography. I learned so much about photography and myself while I was there.

I have since continued my photography education online. I have studied many technical aspects of photography as well as the business side. I also graduated from Mildred Elley with a Graphic Design Technologies Certificate.

I am a mother, a wife, a lover of DIY and above all else, a people person. My caring and loving personality is one of my biggest strengths when it comes to photography. I am a busy person and know that you are too. You want to be able to enjoy your time that you have. I enjoy working with everyone and love getting to know new people all the time. Getting to know the people that I am photographing allows me to capture their true character and make them look their best in the photographs I take.

To me it is all about the people that I photograph. I want you to learn something about them when you look at the beautiful images I have captured of them.

– Heather Cachat Blake, Personal Branding and Boudoir Photographer

Please click on this link bellow to watch a video message I made just for you!

H. Cachat Photography

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