Boudoir First

I started photographing people 20+ years ago. 6 years ago I decided to start focusing more one what makes me happy in photography. I realized that making others happy is what I enjoy. That is why I love boudoir photography.

IMG_0039I want to take a moment to share with you the secret to self confidence and self happiness that I have learned after being a photographer for the last 20 years. After photographing plenty of women for boudoir and bridal portraits, I’ve found one thing most women have in common before their photo shoot.

Most women show up to the shoot thinking they won’t look as good as the women on Pinterest, that they need to lose weight first, that they’re “not photogenic enough,” or that they won’t love the photos of themselves. Almost every woman thinks this way, sadly, most women don’t believe in their beauty….yet.


I’ve also found one thing every woman I’ve photographed has in common at the end of their photo shoot….

…  self confidence.

So what is it about a boudoir shoot that can change so many women’s perspectives of themselves? I believe the answer is: investing in yourself, stepping out of your comfort zone, and seeing yourself through somebody else’s eyes (and lens).

In the beginning of each of my photo shoots, I show my client one of the first few photos we take from the back of my digital camera. This photo is un-retouched, unedited, just straight out of camera. At this moment they feel at ease, happy, and confident. They can see their beauty just as I see it.IMG_9971

Every woman is beautiful in her

own way. Of course we all think we could be better than we are but I love helping each and everyone that I photograph see their beauty…and they end up with empowerment, raised confidence, and beautiful artwork from the day.

If any of this sounds good to you I’d love to get you some more information. Remember you can be doing this for a loved one, but it is also a great thing to do for yourself.

Let’s Talk,


P.S. Tell me a little about yourself and I’ll be in contact to chat about your boudoir session.