Life comes First…. we have payment plans!

We all know that life can throw things at us and often does. Sometimes we have to choose  between putting money into our savings account or buying something that we really want.

Believe me, with two kids, a wedding in a few weeks and a recent fight with cancer, I Beauty Fact (1)understand life getting in the way of what you want to spend your money on.

There are days when we have the money and there are days when we have to make choices. For that reason, I have created a flexible payment plan that can be used for any of my portrait or boudoir packages.

“Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows.” – Michael Landon

We should all be able to focus on the things we want and if that means making payments every week, bi-weekly or monthly in order to get there then that’s what we should do. To view our payment plan please click here.

I am more than happy to customize the payments to accommodate everyone’s needs. Please know that your images will not be released to you until after you are payed in full. (You will be able to see all of your images at your viewing and ordering session.)

Mama & Me Mini Sessions to Benefit Moments House

Cancer can be a very scary word but cancer is just a word. However, the disease and what it does to people who have it, and how it effects them, is very real. Moments House is a organization that was formed to help those who have been diagnosed with cancer.

Some of you may know and some may not.IMG_3074 In October of 2015 I was diagnosed with Non-
Hodgkin’s Aggressive B Cell Lymphoma. The lymphoma was in my chest and had grown so large that my life was being immediately threatened. After a few months of treatment I  found out that I was and still am in remission. During that time of treatment life changed in many ways. Moments House was there to help me, along with a few other organizations including my church. Moments House helped me pay my car insurance and bought Christmas presents for my kids. (That is something that is hard to admit as a very independent person.) They have also helped so many others in Berkshire County in so many ways.

I aIMG_3288m forever grateful and I want to give back to them.

The things I have always known, but feel even more now, is that you need to never take the moments in your life for granted, never stop making memories and cherish the moments that have shaped who you are today. So as we approach Mother’s Day,  I thought of a way that we can all help Moments House and capture a few moments with the people that we love.

Often moms are the ones taking the pictures of their kids and the only images they have with their kids are selfies. Other times moms are too self conscious to get in front of a camera. I am here to say that I can help with all of that. I know how to make everyone look and feel their best in order to capture the best portraits for you to cherish for years and years to come.



I will be hosting Mama & Me Mini Sessions this month with 65% of the proceeds going directly to Moments House to help them secure their forever home. One of their members, who recently passed, had a lovely home that would fit their needs as their current lease ends in December. They need help to purchase this house and eliminate their biggest expense, so they can continue to do even more in our community.

We are booking session for April 29th & 30th. Click her to book your session or contact us at to get a certificate to give to your mom for Mother’s Day. (Certificates must be used in May or June only.)

All sessions will be held at 128 Fenn St. Pittsfield, MA. You can schedule your in person viewing and ordering session on the day of your session or by calling or emailing us. Images will only be available online in your gallery after your in person viewing session.

Thank You all for your Help!

Love & Admiration, Heather

P.S. Packages available are below.


The Glamorous Jenn B!

I had the great opportunity to photograph the Glamorous Jenn B the other day. Now I have to admit…. I am a bit bias. Let’s just start there.

Jenn Quote

Jenn is the girlfriend of my “Not So Little, Little Brother.” (Whew I got that off my chest.) I had Facebook messaged Jenn a few weeks back asking if she would be interested in doing a glamour session with me. She herself is a student of photography and a beautiful woman with hair that makes me jealous.

Jenn was so willing to model for me that a few days later she sent me a picture of a “little black dress” she was thinking about purchasing for the shoot. The dress looked amazing on her! It hugged her curves in all the right places. I was excited to hear she purchased it even before I had been able to respond to her.

On the day of Jenn’s shoot she arrived with her 2 outfits she brought and with a “naked” face. She was ready for her make-up. Whitney, the professional make-up artist (and a client of mine), chatted with Jenn letting her know what her plans where for the make-up and asked Jenn and my opinions. We all agreed in a “natural” look. We all laughed and smiled as we chatted, as women always do, and had a great time getting ready for the session.

When  her makeup and hair were ready to go, Jenn changed into her black dress and we began to shoot. We took lots of pictures, with different angels and posing and I moved the lights to flatter her. There were times when Jenn was thinking she might not look the best  at the angle I was shooting at and was a bit self-conscious but when I showed her the images she was amazed.


Before the shoot I had arranged with Garden Blossoms Florist, on First Street in Pittsfield, for a floral headpiece for Jenn. She did an amazing job and Jenn looked like a goddess with the beautiful head-wreath on.

After the session, when I showed her her pictures I was so happy with how much she loved them. Jenn told me, “I am in LOVE with my pictures; the lighting, the poses, they’re just beautiful!” But just as I am bias about how glamorous Jenn is she may be a bit bias on her opinion of me. I promise though, I didn’t pay her or bribe her in anyway.


We strive to always be ourselves and happy during a shoot, because of this our clients feel comfortable being themselves and have a good time. “The best thing about doing the shoot was that it was so fun and care-free, I didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable, and was able to enjoy myself even if I don’t like being in front of the camera! There wasn’t anything I would have changed about doing this shoot, and I would absolutely do another one!”

“To anyone that is considering doing any kind of shoot with Heather, I highly recommend it. She is so charismatic and amazing to work with, she made the shoot silly and enjoyable. I can’t wait to do another one!”

If you are interested in learning more about booking a Glamour or Boudoir Session we would love to talk to you. Don’t forget to opt int and follow our blog to stay up to date on all the happenings around here then email so we can customize a session for you filled with pampering and fun.


What’s In My Bag…

As photographers we often get questions from both our clients and our fellow photographers like the question “What do you shoot with?” This question is often heard by my ears. For that reason I wanted to take a moment to put it all into this one blog post.

Let me just start by saying that I am a Canon Girl! I love the Canons that I have owned and currently own. (I have used Nikon and I don’t think there is anything wrong with them, I just prefer the way that the Canon DSLRs are set up. I have used these two and would recommend them if you prefer Nikon. [It’s the Yankees vs. the Red Sox of the photography world.] Nikon D3200 and for a much higher price point Nikon D7200.)

I currently have 2 camera bodies img_0638dthat I use and I am very happy with. They are not the highest level nor are they the bottom of the barrel. The first camera I own is the Canon EOS Rebel T3 which is discontinued but still available on places like Amazon. The second camera I own is my every day camera. The Canon EOS Rebel T3i  is also currently discontinued but still available. I really love this camera! Seriously! The screen is large and swivels, which is great for video work which I don’t do a lot of but do on occasion. (The newer version of this camera, since they come out with a new one about twice a year it seems like, is the WiFi enabled Canon EOS Rebel T6i . Seriously! WiFi! I want this one!) The Rebel Series is what is considered to be the PROSUMER level. It is the step above the average consumer but a step below the ultimate high end professional cameras. That being said… many professionals use the Rebels.

I have a few different lenses but I will just let you know about the 50 fixed that I own and my telephoto that I LOVE!  So the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens was a recent purchase that I made and am very upset that I hadn’t done it sooner. When it comes to portraits, this lens is my favorite. (FYI I would not use this lens in stu31sUjj3c8uL._SL110_dio for a family portrait of more than 3 people.) I was originally afraid of it being a fixed lens but so happy that I faced my fears and bought this. It was money well spent. The images are crisp and clear in almost every lighting scenario. My other favorite lens is my Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens. I
have had this for a while now and use it for Weddings, Sports and just about anything else I need to zoom in on. When I sit in the stands at a baseball game, this lens makes me feel like I am on the field. Yup! Put me in coach!

Believe it our not the SD card that you use has a very high impact on the way that your camera operates. You need a quick card with good storage that can handle whatever you throw at it. FPNY-Elite-Performance-64GB-SD-card-1-horzor that reason I use the PNY Elite Performance 64 GB High Speed Flash Card. I have used other brands, and other PNY cards as well, but much prefer the speed of this card. It allows me to be able to rapid shoot without any lag time. BIG PLUS!

So wow… I think I have covered most of what’s in my bag…. I left out my lighting and flashes… I’ll put those in a separate post to not overwhelm you all.

Happy Shooting!!!



P.S.  legal disclaimer … this site uses affiliate links at times on our blog that we may earn a commission from based upon products that we feature or recommend.


Boudoir Model Call


Hello all you lovely ladies out there. I’m looking for TWO female models 21+, no modeling experience needed!!! One for a glamour photo shoot and the other for a boudoir photo shoot. Your shoot would take place on a weekday at 10am or 1pm inside our studio in Pittsfield, MA. For modeling you will receive a complimentary photo shoot, professional makeover, and the experience to be a model for the day! If you’re interested please share this blog post AND then email Heather stating WHY you want to model and attach a photo of yourself to:

– Thanks ladies!!


Why I Cherish the Little Moments and Why You Should Too.

Life is made up of thousands of moments. Working, laundry, cooking, running to the grocery store, paying the bills, eating dinner with your family, the birth of a new baby  and the death of a loved one. There are moments that seem to pass by so quickly and others where we feel they will never pass. Sure there are moments in our lives that we wish we could forget but I still truly believe in cherishing both the little and big moments in our lives.

The photos above are my children. I love them to pieces. Of course there are moments that I ask “why did I want to be a mother” but we all do that don’t we? We all love taking pictures of our kids. Social media is a perfect example of that. I see my Facebook Family constantly sharing moments with their children and families. The funny questions kids ask quoted as a status, the adorable picture of a crying child after what they feel is a major letdown, and the pictures from the first day of school. Each of these moments are worth being cherished and documented.

I will admit something very huge here. Right now for all of you to read….. I stopped my son’s baby book after only a few pages. I know how horrible right? Stop! We all do it. There is a perfect place for those little memories. Maybe some day I will find the time and effort to go back and put all the things I saved for his book into it.

Do you constantly pull out your cellphone to take pictures? Me too! I always have some sort of device to take pictures. I don’t stop at just my kids and family though. I love to capture everyone’s memories. I guess that is why I became a photographer. I know that some day, a loved one might loose their memories but will love to look back at the wedding photo that I captured feel that moment again, that people will pass and the family portrait on the wall will be a reminder of their love and that we will have moments of sadness or anger and need a picture of an adorable smiling face to remember why they should be experiencing happiness instead.

I invite you today to take a moment to stop and cherish the little moments as they happen, to look at a picture and remember when and to make a plan for making memories to come. Keep those memories coming and make an appointment today so you can cherish them for years to come. 413.464.8593 or

I’m Giving into Change. How about You?

Some people like it and some people are afraid of it. Yet change is, and always will be, inevitable. Here in New England, the seasons bring many changes to our weather and our ever beautiful surroundings. I have to admit, I don’t like the snow, but the leaves changing in the Fall are incredibly beautiful. I do know that when the snow comes that it too will change and bring Spring and flowers and warmer weather.


“It doesn’t matter where you are, you are nowhere compared to where you can go.” – Bob Proctor

In life, lots of things change for us. Our jobs, our relationships, the people in our lives, children… the list goes on. My life is ever changing and I embrace that. I can only learn and better myself with each new experience and each change in my life. I know that some changes bring on sorrow but most changes bring me closer to where I need to be.


“By changing nothing, nothing changes.” – Tony Robbins

I have decided that my business needs to change, I will be changing the name of the business to reflect my core values. I got into photography because I love people, I love the raw emotions and the true spirit that photography can capture. I most of all love photographing children. They are who they are without sugar coating it, I plan on not only changing the business name but how I market and brand myself. I am working on finding out who I truly am as a business woman and following my dreams. This change that I am bringing forward will help me provide nothing but the best to all of you.


I am giving into change and embracing it. How about you? I encourage each of you to make one small change that will get you to where you are going. Please share with me what that change is and what it is going to do for you.

Photographing for – The Hair and Spa Show


I love being a photographer with! Diane and Jerrid often invite me to photograph their events. Most recently I was able to attend the Berkshire Bride Hair and Spa show. This is a fun event where Brides get their hair and makeup done as a trial run for their wedding. I took before pictures as they came in the door and then they went off to the respective salon to get glammed out! The returned a bit later and they had their after pictures taken, They were all tremendously beautiful! I am not lying when I say, a few of the ladies I barely recognized after their hair and makeup was done up.


After all of the ladies have finished with hair and make up they have a little walk down the cat walk and show off their new looks. There are brides in attendance who watch and have the chance to win a few great prizes!


In addition to the hair and make up there were wedding vendors. There were a few DJs and cake people as well as a fun little crafts by AP Home Decor and More. I brought my photo booth and everyone had their chance to take part in the fun!


This event was so much fun! It gives me a chance to meet the brides that are getting married within in the next 2 years. I so love getting to met them and share in the fun and excitement of their upcoming wedding with them! It is also a great way for networking with other vendors…. and eating some great treats! (Raspberry Oat Squares from Sugar to Go were amazing!)

Love Is In the Details

Back in February I was part of the local Artwalk. The theme for the month was Love and I choose a collection of images from weddings that I call “Love is in the details.”

I wanted to take a moment and share a few images with you from a wedding I just photographed that represents the same idea. I truly feel that the details of your wedding day are important. Each little detail says something about you. There is a reason behind every choice you made. Behind every choice there is a story. In that story is where you find the love.

IMG_1020 IMG_1035

IMG_1024b  IMG_1338