I see myself in such a different way. In a positive way.

In the last month or so, many people have asked why I started to specialize in Glamour and IMG_0039Boudoir Photography. I have realized that I have always had an interest in this type of photography. I like the idea of portraying women as beautiful. Often women see their flaws and other females tend to point out what they believe to be flaws.

Body shaming is horrible! It needs to stop.

Last week when I was photographing Kelly, she told me that others had body shamed her and it had caused her to become sensitive. She had a hard time looking at some of her features.

Although, I was not surprised to hear that  she was made to feel a bit uncomfortable in her own body, I was happy to be able to help her see herself in a new way.

IMG_9985Kelly wrote this on Facebook the day after the shoot “I cannot thank you enough for yesterday. I never thought I could see myself in such a beautiful way, the way you captured me. Hair and makeup was beautiful. I didn’t think I’d look very good with a straight face, I was nervous for how thin I am etc. But I see myself in such a different way. In a positive way. Thank you again and again. I’m definitely going to refer people to you! “

As I read it… I started to cry. This is my reason for photographing women! I made a difference in the way she viewed herself. Along with hair and make-up, the posing and the lighting accentuated Kelly’s own beauty. It was her own self that she looked at and saw herself as beautiful.

If you are interested in a similar experience… I would love the opportunity to talk to you.

The Glamorous Jenn B!

I had the great opportunity to photograph the Glamorous Jenn B the other day. Now I have to admit…. I am a bit bias. Let’s just start there.

Jenn Quote

Jenn is the girlfriend of my “Not So Little, Little Brother.” (Whew I got that off my chest.) I had Facebook messaged Jenn a few weeks back asking if she would be interested in doing a glamour session with me. She herself is a student of photography and a beautiful woman with hair that makes me jealous.

Jenn was so willing to model for me that a few days later she sent me a picture of a “little black dress” she was thinking about purchasing for the shoot. The dress looked amazing on her! It hugged her curves in all the right places. I was excited to hear she purchased it even before I had been able to respond to her.

On the day of Jenn’s shoot she arrived with her 2 outfits she brought and with a “naked” face. She was ready for her make-up. Whitney, the professional make-up artist (and a client of mine), chatted with Jenn letting her know what her plans where for the make-up and asked Jenn and my opinions. We all agreed in a “natural” look. We all laughed and smiled as we chatted, as women always do, and had a great time getting ready for the session.

When  her makeup and hair were ready to go, Jenn changed into her black dress and we began to shoot. We took lots of pictures, with different angels and posing and I moved the lights to flatter her. There were times when Jenn was thinking she might not look the best  at the angle I was shooting at and was a bit self-conscious but when I showed her the images she was amazed.


Before the shoot I had arranged with Garden Blossoms Florist, on First Street in Pittsfield, for a floral headpiece for Jenn. She did an amazing job and Jenn looked like a goddess with the beautiful head-wreath on.

After the session, when I showed her her pictures I was so happy with how much she loved them. Jenn told me, “I am in LOVE with my pictures; the lighting, the poses, they’re just beautiful!” But just as I am bias about how glamorous Jenn is she may be a bit bias on her opinion of me. I promise though, I didn’t pay her or bribe her in anyway.


We strive to always be ourselves and happy during a shoot, because of this our clients feel comfortable being themselves and have a good time. “The best thing about doing the shoot was that it was so fun and care-free, I didn’t feel awkward or uncomfortable, and was able to enjoy myself even if I don’t like being in front of the camera! There wasn’t anything I would have changed about doing this shoot, and I would absolutely do another one!”

“To anyone that is considering doing any kind of shoot with Heather, I highly recommend it. She is so charismatic and amazing to work with, she made the shoot silly and enjoyable. I can’t wait to do another one!”

If you are interested in learning more about booking a Glamour or Boudoir Session we would love to talk to you. Don’t forget to opt int and follow our blog to stay up to date on all the happenings around here then email boudoir@hcachat.com so we can customize a session for you filled with pampering and fun.


Boudoir Model Call


Hello all you lovely ladies out there. I’m looking for TWO female models 21+, no modeling experience needed!!! One for a glamour photo shoot and the other for a boudoir photo shoot. Your shoot would take place on a weekday at 10am or 1pm inside our studio in Pittsfield, MA. For modeling you will receive a complimentary photo shoot, professional makeover, and the experience to be a model for the day! If you’re interested please share this blog post AND then email Heather stating WHY you want to model and attach a photo of yourself to: boudoir@hcachat.com

– Thanks ladies!!