Love Is In the Details

Back in February I was part of the local Artwalk. The theme for the month was Love and I choose a collection of images from weddings that I call “Love is in the details.”

I wanted to take a moment and share a few images with you from a wedding I just photographed that represents the same idea. I truly feel that the details of your wedding day are important. Each little detail says something about you. There is a reason behind every choice you made. Behind every choice there is a story. In that story is where you find the love.

IMG_1020 IMG_1035

IMG_1024b  IMG_1338

Finding My Love Again!

Sometimes you forget the important things in life until something or someone reminds you of them. I am happy to say that I now remember how talented I am.

I don’t want this to sound egotistical or far to sure of my self, but I know I have talent and I am so happy to be reminded of that today. My talent is a gift. Correction. My talents are a gift. I am very excited to be re-energized about this in the New Year. This old found again energy and love for photography and design will benefit everyone that comes in contact with me at H. Cachat Photography!



I had a few days off from my “Real Job” and decided that it’s time to re-brand my Photography. This is exciting to me. It’s a new chapter for H. Cachat Photography and a new Chapter for me!

I feel incredibly inspired by everything and everyone around me right now. I am taking advantage of that!