What’s In My Bag…

As photographers we often get questions from both our clients and our fellow photographers like the question “What do you shoot with?” This question is often heard by my ears. For that reason I wanted to take a moment to put it all into this one blog post.

Let me just start by saying that I am a Canon Girl! I love the Canons that I have owned and currently own. (I have used Nikon and I don’t think there is anything wrong with them, I just prefer the way that the Canon DSLRs are set up. I have used these two and would recommend them if you prefer Nikon. [It’s the Yankees vs. the Red Sox of the photography world.] Nikon D3200 and for a much higher price point Nikon D7200.)

I currently have 2 camera bodies img_0638dthat I use and I am very happy with. They are not the highest level nor are they the bottom of the barrel. The first camera I own is the Canon EOS Rebel T3 which is discontinued but still available on places like Amazon. The second camera I own is my every day camera. The Canon EOS Rebel T3i  is also currently discontinued but still available. I really love this camera! Seriously! The screen is large and swivels, which is great for video work which I don’t do a lot of but do on occasion. (The newer version of this camera, since they come out with a new one about twice a year it seems like, is the WiFi enabled Canon EOS Rebel T6i . Seriously! WiFi! I want this one!) The Rebel Series is what is considered to be the PROSUMER level. It is the step above the average consumer but a step below the ultimate high end professional cameras. That being said… many professionals use the Rebels.

I have a few different lenses but I will just let you know about the 50 fixed that I own and my telephoto that I LOVE!  So the Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens was a recent purchase that I made and am very upset that I hadn’t done it sooner. When it comes to portraits, this lens is my favorite. (FYI I would not use this lens in stu31sUjj3c8uL._SL110_dio for a family portrait of more than 3 people.) I was originally afraid of it being a fixed lens but so happy that I faced my fears and bought this. It was money well spent. The images are crisp and clear in almost every lighting scenario. My other favorite lens is my Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 STM Lens. I
have had this for a while now and use it for Weddings, Sports and just about anything else I need to zoom in on. When I sit in the stands at a baseball game, this lens makes me feel like I am on the field. Yup! Put me in coach!

Believe it our not the SD card that you use has a very high impact on the way that your camera operates. You need a quick card with good storage that can handle whatever you throw at it. FPNY-Elite-Performance-64GB-SD-card-1-horzor that reason I use the PNY Elite Performance 64 GB High Speed Flash Card. I have used other brands, and other PNY cards as well, but much prefer the speed of this card. It allows me to be able to rapid shoot without any lag time. BIG PLUS!

So wow… I think I have covered most of what’s in my bag…. I left out my lighting and flashes… I’ll put those in a separate post to not overwhelm you all.

Happy Shooting!!!



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Love Is In the Details

Back in February I was part of the local Artwalk. The theme for the month was Love and I choose a collection of images from weddings that I call “Love is in the details.”

I wanted to take a moment and share a few images with you from a wedding I just photographed that represents the same idea. I truly feel that the details of your wedding day are important. Each little detail says something about you. There is a reason behind every choice you made. Behind every choice there is a story. In that story is where you find the love.

IMG_1020 IMG_1035

IMG_1024b  IMG_1338